Spain  October 2015


We arrived on Sunday 25th October in Murcia. The Spanish students welcomed the Belgian students and we went to our Spanish family.
On Monday we arrived at school and we visited it. We met some teachers and other students.

 We started with the MusicEducation while Carmen Belando was showing the school to the teachers. After that we had the French course. The Spanish students showed us a Power Point with some places to visit in Murcia, typical food or information about the city. Finallythe Spanish students had prepared some questions in French to improve the language. After the break we corrected a quiz about Murcia. The Belgian students had to search for the answers in Belgium. Pablo Sevilla gave us further information about the history and the culture of the city. After that the students went to different classes with their host. We finished the day with the Music class where the students had the importunity to dance, play an instrument, sing,…

 On Tuesday we walked in the city and the students had some questions to answer about Murcia. We saw the beautiful cathedral, the palace Almudi, the casino, the river Segura,…

On Wednesday we started the day with aesthetics. During this period the students could do the nails, massage or make-up. After that the students had another hour of Musical Education. Then the students went to the class with the Spanish students.

On Thursday we visited Cartagena. There we visited the museum of the civil war and we had a tour at the castle. In the afternoon the students had free time before going on a trip boat.

 On Friday we had a course to learn how to take pictures and we took pictures of the group. We finished the day with the evaluation of the project.

We left Murcia on Saturday. Some students went to the beach with the host family. Others stayed in the city to enjoy the last day with the family, they went for a walk or they went to the market. We all joined in the afternoon to take the plane. It was a difficult moment to leave and to say goodbye

Elodie Dupont