Our project, "LEARNING IS FUN EUROPE" (LIFE), will encourage a positive emotional response to the times we are living in. To achieve this,  'LIFE’ will involve a range of subjects across the partnership that will work together  to improve the level of key competences and skills of our students, and so, the quality of our schools, through innovative and creative methods of teaching and learning.  The aim is to improve the attainment of young people - especially those at risk of early school leaving and those with poor basic skills.

To equip them for the future, changing world of work means they must have good ICT skills as well as foreign language flexibility. The project will foster the internationalization of our institutions in order to enhance the international dimension of education for the best of our young people whom we want to be ready to work and share the European experience of life.

For the teaching staff, it will strengthen the professional profile of teaching through sharing good practice with other European colleagues (those taking part in our project and others met on the e-Twinning Internet platform) resulting in a form of on-going training intended to make us feel more satisfied and happy with our daily work.

On a broader perspective, our partnership seeks to develop a more positive attitude towards the teaching and learning of languages whilst promoting the linguistic diversity and inter-cultural awareness of the European Union.

This will be achieved through activities planned collaboratively but led each time by one specific partner. The topic for each activity will be varied and its duration, with the purpose always being to awaken the interest of the greatest number of students, school staff and others.  To this end, we will use music, caricatures, satire, recycled art, 'happy days', etc.  Each activity will endeavour to use innovative teaching methodologies such as CLILI, PBL, PIA (individualized learning project), to improve the exchange of good practice among partners but also to give the students a wider experience of learning.

To ensure cohesion throughout the project, regular meetings will be held to give both students and staff the opportunity to comment on the process, share the results and evaluate each activity.  They will also be used to discuss the next activity, amending as necessary, according to the evolution of our work and affinities.  The short and long term mobilities will enable the students to experience international team-work as well as everyday life in another language and cultural background.  They will need to show initiative, to work in collaboration using new technologies to create products such as DVDs, movies, ...and also long lasting links between the partners. 

Through the various means - including our website and blog - which will be employed to interest and inform people (at local, regional and national level) of our project, we hope to inspire others to take on similar challenges and ensure the longevity of our work.