Transnational Project Meeting
Learning / Teaching / Training Activities
in Poland
Szczecin   16-20 April 2016

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The visit to Poland was a successful experience in terms of the project progress and preparing for writing a final report.
Most of the partners representatives arrived in Berlin and then in Szczecin on Saturday. The Belgians couldn`t buy a ticket for Saturday due to the repercussions of the terrorist attack  in Zaventem  airport two weeks before. They were able to come on Sunday.
The first day in Poland was full of new experiences for our team. Agnieszka led the group and showed it the City of Szczecin. Krzysztof and Sandra accompanied the group. In the afternoon everybody went to “Kulinarne Atelier” where Leszek Wodnicki- a participant of Master Chef TV programme showed us how to make starters (beef/ salmon carpaccio, hot beetroot dish), main dish (cod) and a dessert (almond cake). Although it took a few hours and some of us got really tired, it was an unforgettable experience.
Monday was a very busy day. A comfortable coach took the students and the teachers to Stargard. After having seen the Culture Centre we met a famous artist Ryszard Baloń who taught our students how to make traditional graphics. Most of the students enjoyed the workshop a lot. At the same time the teachers worked on the final report and evaluation.
After a period of hard work Julia- the guide took us for a walk in Stargard. The sightseeing was short but enjoyable and educational. We saw the oldest church in region, old town walls, turrets  and monuments which remained after the socialist system.
Tasty dinner by Miedwie Lake finished our busy day.
Tuesday was spent in school. IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. B. Prusa hosted both teachers and students while both groups had different activities to do.
The teachers continued working on the final report. They discussed the last activity which was                     ” Proverbs”. The group made an exhibition in the hall of the school, so that everyone visiting the school  could see the pieces of work by our students.
In the gym the students had to roleplay the proverbs and make guesses about them. They also did a quiz about Poland and learn how to dance Polonez (national Polish solemn dance). They also played games  with their peers from different countries.
As the meeting was our last in this project , there was an assembly and some students from the Polish school summarised all the project and pointed out benefits participating in it has brought.

Elżbieta Łuczak