This is the website of the multilateral Comenius Project “Europe United”








This is the website of the multilateral Comenius Project

"Europe United"

Our project, "Europe United" (EU), will take into account the current historical time in which we are living. To do so, ‘EU’ will involve a range of subjects that will work together promoting innovative teaching and learning methods. It will focus on key competences by promoting language development in the communities, the use of ICT as a means of work and communication, the mathematical competence when collecting results in statistics, the social competences, the learning to learn competence and it will also enhance the students' cultural competence.

 Project content:

• Researching to find out how the EU can affect us: they will reflect on the benefits that belonging to the EU implies; such as the free movement of citizens to live, work, study and travel in the EU, the money for development with many projects carried out using 'European Structural Funds', a louder international voice, greater protection for workers, greater equality and social inclusion, protection of the environment, etc

• Sharing Europe: our natural history, different perspectives of the same historical event: The Fall of the Berlin Wall, the mini European Olympics, their country (community-school- city- region) by showing our secret talents in different fields, and sharing them with our partner schools.

• Contributing to a future EU: students will share their future expectations once they finish school, whether they go on with higher education or start in the working world.

All these activities will be implemented in every school within the partnership and their outcomes (the result of cooperation among the partner schools) will be disseminated locally (at schools), regionally (through newspapers, websites, magazines), nationally and at international level thanks to the project website.