(3X20 students Belgium, Spain and United-Kingdom)

Parent's perpesctive of visits


·         Teamwork,

·         Intercultural learning, social relations,

·         Planning and undertaking project activities and using information and communication technologies.

·         Use eTwinning to work together on the project before and after the mobility events.

 “Rose-coloured Glasses” will carry out joint research on happiness, elaborating surveys and studying the results.


Before the meetings:

·         The students  will create a logo for the activity.

·         They will also make videos stating what makes them happy and interviewing other people with the same aim.

·         They will make bookmarkers with symbols of happiness to exchange during the mobilities and texts in French, English and Spanish.

·         They will research about the physiology of the feeling: “Happiness Hormone” and the “fiestas” in both cultures and recorded in the three languages.

·         Regarding the mobilities, they will create happiness recipes in advance to share during the visit. The videos will be in the students’ mother tongue and subtitled in English.

·         To prepare the mobilities, that will take place in consecutive years, the host students will elaborate a “Happy Tour of the City/Area” (Treasure hunt....) for their guest students to carry out during the visit and with their teachers, with indications not merely to visit it, but also to fill in gaps with information such as street names, descriptions of specific things, monuments or curiosities that can be seen or should be asked to passers-by.

·         As a follow-up activity, and because it is not just a 7 days exchange, but a  two-year activity, they will elaborate a Tourist Video-Brochure: Through the Happiness Glasses of the three towns/areas, containing information and pictures of their happiest moments when visiting the town/area, eating, having fun, shopping.

·         Option for the follow-up activity:  If I could imagine/create the happiest place to learn in Europe... Create a fiction name+ describe and ‘build ‘ the place (architecture, environment, social life& help, student’s life, ....One project per school, everything based on what the students have seen, learned and experienced during their stay in the partner schools...


Finally we will evaluate this two-year activity with a questionnaire and will publish its results in the activity blog that will be created at the very beginning of it.

Implementing this activity will allow us to follow the principles of equity and inclusion that we take into account in the overall project, giving everybody in the group the same choice to improve themselves.


Final results:

Joint research on happiness: surveys and results, videos stating what makes them happy, bookmarkers with symbols of happiness, recipes,  a “Happy Tour of the City/Area”, and “Tourist Video-Brochure Through the Happiness Glasses”


During the visit:

The students will attend the most lessons, but of course adapted somehow for them so that they don’t get very bored. They will have some ‘free’ time to do the Happy Tour of the City/Area with their teachers and a local teacher in case they may need him/her and/or go to …, again with their teachers and a local teacher/s to help them.